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We are for the LGBTQ+ community in the Rodney area (especially Orewa, HBC)!

The group was started because of a lack of local support, only NZ wide online / phone support, and the physical places to go to are in the Auckland Central or at best Takapuna / Glenfield area. (All of which are AMAZING, but sometimes you really need something LOCAL).

We also like to bring visibility to other groups and resources via the Rodney Area Rainbow LGBTQ+ group and Facebook page as we know the struggles of trying to find the right people to reach out to.


What do we do?

  • Liaise with local youth groups to provide support for gender questioning youth
  • We aim to enact change with local Primary Health Organisations to provide better care for the local LGBTQ+ community
  • We aim to improve access to quality pharmaceutical for Transgender Healthcare
  • We aim to improve access to Gender Affirming Surgeries in New Zealand
  • We aim to provide a safe environment for the Rodney LGBTQ+ community to come together (Private Group)


If you know of anyone in the Rodney area that needs support or a safe place, or just talk to others who have "been there" please let them know about this group.
Join the Rodney Area Rainbow LGBTQ+ group on Facebook

If you want to know how to access services for transitioning please follow the link below. Or else read through our FAQs and Resources.
How do I access transition related services?

I'm a parent, how do I help? If someone who is coming out feels close enough to you and trusts you sufficiently to be honest and risk losing you as a friend. It can be difficult to know what to say and what to do to be a supportive friend to someone who has “come out” to you.
Help for parents or friends

Latest News

We are petitioning the House of Representatives to amend the KiwiSaver Act 2006 to allow funds to be accessed for private surgery where public waiting lists are excessively long or the surgery is not available in New Zealand. Many people cannot afford medical insurance,... Read now

The new Pedestrian Crossings on Orewa's main road have been causing a lot of concern and headaches for local residents. And at a local board members the were described as “underwhelming” and even “potentially dangerous”. Our solution? Replace them with colorful Rainbow c... Read now

For the majority of partners this is the sad side of Transitioning. And the support in New Zealand is still sorely lacking for supporting couples. How well we handle the transition from lovers to partners or exes depends on a lot of factors, such as similarities in attit... Read now

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