Transgender Awareness Week 2018

We are very disappointed in the responses received from Pfizer, Perrigo Company plc and Par Pharmaceutical,the top three injectable estrogen suppliers.

  • Delestrogen (Par Pharmacetical)
  • Estradiol Valerate (Perrigo)
  • Depo-Estradiol (Pfizer)

They have all indicated that they are not interested in importing their product into New Zealand or Australia.

We have also reached out to Pharmaceutical Compounding NZ Ltd and Baxter NZ.

Pharmaceutical Compounding NZ does not produce injectable medications. And to date we have had no comment from Baxter NZ.

While PHARMAC takes care of the funding of NZ Medicines if they are approved, Medsafe has to approve medicines to be safe for NZ before PHARMAC will fund them. 

However a Pharmaceutical Company must first apply to register a medicine with Medsafe before any of that can happen. And none of these Pharmaceutical Companies are interested in seeking registration in NZ (or importing them).

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