Transgender Awareness Week 2018

The new Pedestrian Crossings on Orewa's main road have been causing a lot of concern and headaches for local residents. And at a local board members the were described as “underwhelming” and even “potentially dangerous”.

Our solution? Replace them with colorful Rainbow crossings that celebrates Rodney's diversity. And at the same time increases visibility and safety for both drivers and pedestrians alike.

The original project cost nearly $400,000 and Auckland Transport (AT) said the crossings were designed not only to improve safety but also to be “sympathetic to the boulevard concept”. Unfortunately they finished result seems to have fallen short of that original concept.

Let's bring some color, community and safety to the crossings with the Rainbow Concept!

Hibiscus Matters, Rodney Times, Auckland Transport, Orewa Beach, Marja Lubeck Labour List MP, Mark Mitchell MP, Tracey Martin, Rodney Local Board

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